There are various phases or steps explored by Florida rehabilitation and detox centres to ensure swift and easy withdrawal and recovery of their patients. This ranges from admitting the patient into the centre to the patient’s future outside the centre.

These phases include;

1) Clearing of the substance from the patient’s system: The rehab centres in Florida ensures medical supervision with consulting physicians, so the patient can receive services like intravenous (IV) fluid replacement, pharmaceutical therapy and nutritional support to help recover more quickly from the effects of withdrawal.

2) Finding a supportive environment to ensure proper recovery: Florida rehab centres for their patients by removing their patients from social distractions, temptations and triggers that compel them to the substance use, and placing them.in environments where these temptations are low, so as to facilitate speedy recovery. Although you can’t avoid high-risk situations forever, Florida rehab teaches their patients ways to respond to these triggers in a healthy way, so they can reduce their risk of a relapse and feel confident about their sobriety.

3) Reducing the patients’ exposure to risk: Florida rehabilitation centres are able to reduce the risk of exposure by confining patients in a drug-free environment. Even outpatients who didn’t go through detox experience facilitation in recovery if they were able to live in a drug-free environment for 90 days. The more time the patient has to remain substance-free and practice healthy behaviours, the better prepared they will be to face life outside of drug rehab.

4) Helping the patient understand the addiction: Psychotherapy gives the patients opportunities to discover how and why the addiction took hold of them, while helping them handle situations that keep them trapped in substance abuse. The Therapy is majorly provided by licensed addiction counsellors, psychologists or psychiatrists, and sessions may take place one on one or in groups, to ensure none of the patient is left out. When they graduate from the Florida rehab, they now have a deeper understanding of themselves, their past and their hope for the future.

5) Rebuilding their families: They give family members the opportunity to heal by introduction of comprehensive treatment programs which include counselling and preventive education for the entire family, not just for the addict or alcoholic. Before the family counselling takes place, the therapist always assesses the family for violence, because protecting the safety of the family members is always a top concern for the Florida rehab counsellors.

6) Sustaining the patient in recovery: Drug rehab doesn’t make the patient sober and healthy within a matter of days, weeks or even months, recovering from the causes and effects of the addiction may take the rest of the patient’s life, and the need for strong support network to help the individual through this process.

In conclusion, a patient’s recovery process may last for a few months, depending on the pace at which the recovery process attains completion, because recovery is process which evolves through a series of stages, and Florida rehabilitation processes makes this possible via the steps listed above.

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