Florida intervention services provides help for individuals addicted to a particular substance or behaviour. The goal of these intervention services is to encourage the acceptance of treatment, as well as establishing lifelong healing for individuals in need.

Because addiction differs from person to person, addiction counselling becomes unique to a particular individual, and the right counsellor should be consulted.

Also, a successful counsellor educated the family members on the role each has to play to ensure successful recovery of the individual. This includes changing their mind sets and behaviours for the better before the struggling loved one can. This is due to the fact that the loved one protects his or her addictive behaviour by using manipulative tactics to control the emotion of her family members, as well as discouraging them from seeing anything wrong. This makes it difficult for family members to realize the destructive nature of their loved one’s life, as a positive change in career or relationship outcome may mislead them to thinking things has become fine. Whereas it is only a tactics by the addict. So the family members need to be enlightened.

Steps taken by intervention centres in Florida are;

a. Initial consultation: which normally begins with a phone call to learn the motivation for the addiction by the loved one, as well as to become familiar with the patient.

b. Educate family about Addiction: this has been explained above, as there is a need to educate the family about what motivates addiction and how they can put a stop to it.

c. Getting the process started: this I s the final stage for the intervention process, and also the initial stage for recovery. The patient is taken into close monitoring, and is administered therapies and supporting programs to help with the withdrawal and recovery.

Although, before any treatment can begin, the patient need to have admitted that they need help and is willing to enter a program. Honesty and judgement free is a quality of a good interventionist, as they inform and illustrate to the individual how far their addiction has gone, and the damage it has caused to their health, relationship and quality of life. This motivates the addict to seek perfect recovery.

In summary, Florida having a large number of heroin and OxyContin users who needs to be helped, has found an easy way to withdrawal and recovery, by employing the efforts of an interventionist to proffer intervention services to help with full recovery.

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