A rehabilitation centre is a centre where drug and alcohol addicts are being treated (Collins English dictionary). Various centres are found in many countries of the world, depending on the frequency of cases recorded in that particular country.

The goals of detox are to free the individual from the addictive substances, help the person cope with withdrawal symptoms and identifying or treating co-existing health conditions. The goals of rehabilitation are to help the individual become a strong, sober person physically, mentally and emotionally, to teach the individual how to lead a drug-free life and how to build stronger relationships at all levels.

As the patient’s body adjusts to the absence of the substance, the person may experience withdrawal symptoms and cravings that are difficult or impossible to tolerate. So there is a need to clearing of the substance from the patient’s system. Also, finding a supportive environment to ensure proper recovery for the patient is part of the activities of a rehab centre in Florida, as the environment an individual socializes with affects the rate of recovery of the patient. Another rehabilitation process is reducing the patients’ exposure to risk to which clinical studies have shown that the longer a patient remains in the supportive environment of the treatment facility, the lower the risk of relapse. Helping the patient understand the addiction is another rehabilitation process as psychotherapy gives the patients opportunities to discover how and why the addiction took hold of them, while helping them handle situations that keep them trapped in substance abuse. They give family members the opportunity to heal by introduction of comprehensive treatment programs which include counselling and preventive education for the entire family, not just for the addict or alcoholic. Sustaining the patient in recovery is an important factor because Drug rehab doesn’t make the patient sober and healthy within a matter of days, weeks or even months, recovering from the causes and effects of the addiction may take the rest of the patient’s life, and the need for strong support network to help the individual through this process.

In summary, upon detox of the individual, whether inpatient or outpatient, the individual needs to go through rehab to ensure proper recovery. Florida rehab centres help with withdrawal and recovery of patients through various processes by the application.

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